Dhruva Balram is an Indian-Canadian culture journalist based in London, England. 

Exploring interests in pop culture; communities; societal issues; and South Asian identity, Dhruva has written for NME, Media Diversified, Future Perfect and The Lifted Brow.

Dhruva is the former resident writer and head of content for The Wild City, India's largest online publication for alternative culture. He was also one of the first co-hosts of the Goodgod Sound Unlimited show on FBI Radio in Sydney, Australia. 

A past Milaap fellow, Dhruva was the first to be placed in Manipur, India, where he lived for six months reporting on the culture and dilemmas of the state while working with rural women on micro-finance loans. 

On most days, you can find Dhruva, snacks in hand, reading. On others, he can be found riding his bicycle thinking of what to write in his newsletter, Idling with Intent, but, really, he's mostly trying to get you to follow him on Twitter.