Dhruva Balram can tell you that he is: Indian-Canadian; a journalist, mostly working freelance; and currently based in London, England.

He can also say that his writing has appeared in The Guardian, GQ, Dazed, DJ Mag, Bandcamp, NME, Media Diversified, Skin Deep, The Lifted Brow and NPR.

Dhruva’s work sits comfortably at the intersections between culture and politics, exploring interests in what that exactly means.

He is also the former Editor of The Wild City, India’s largest online publication for alternative culture.

A past Milaap fellow, Dhruva was the first to be placed in Manipur, India, where he lived for six months reporting on the culture and dilemmas of the state while working with rural women on micro-finance loans. 

On most days, you can find Dhruva, snacks in hand, reading.

For any questions, queries, concerns, discussions regarding the best fruit, or to send any criticisms, please contact him directly.