Dhruva Balram is a journalist and writer. He finds it uncomfortable talking about himself, especially in the third-person but has been told it can be effective for these blurbs.

Since pursuing writing full-time, Dhruva’s work has included a wide range of topics, from cultural commentary to human interest pieces to album reviews. His most recent writing can be found in / on The Lifted Brow, The Wild City, Border Movement, Hot New Hip Hop and Future Perfect. He has previously been published in various other web and print publications. Dhruva has held positions as a copywriter, a radio journalist, and as a freelancer has held contracted positions with several publications.

He has lived in four countries across as many continents. Most recently, he finished up a two-year stint where he worked as the resident writer and head of content for The Wild City, India's essential online guide for alternative music and culture.

Dhruva is also a former Milaap fellow, the first to be placed in Manipur, India, where he lived for six months reporting on the culture and dilemmas of the state while working with rural women on micro-finance loans.

In addition to selling shoes, he used to previously coach tennis and tend bars. He was also a former co-host of the Goodgod Sound Unlimited show on FBI Radio in Sydney, Australia. Dhruva writes a weekly newsletter called Idling with Intent but is mostly trying to get you to follow him on Twitter. 

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